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IKC Smart Start

Are you looking for a way to accelerate
Your ServiceNow deployment with
Confidence and Assurance?

ServiceNow provides a comprehensive set of Out-of-the-box processes and features that are verified and being used across many industries. IKC Smart Start is a project delivery method that helps your business to adopt the ServiceNow platform without any customisations, or implementing your own processes into the ServiceNow platform.
Our IKC Smart Start offering includes:
  • ServiceNow Platform Installation
  • Comprehensive ServiceNow Process Documentation
  • Best Practice Process Training
  • User Training / Coaching / Mentoring
  • Scoped Enhancements


Benefits of IKC Smart Start:

  • Your ServiceNow platform is deployed with minimum modifications, enabling True Seamless Upgrades

  • Initial cost of ServiceNow installation can be minimised

  • ServiceNow can be quickly deployed into production and quickly turn into operations

  • Get the full benefits of ServiceNow's verified out-of-the-box processes and technology

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