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Privilege Manager


Just In Time & Just Enough Access Management

IKC Privilege Manager is a solution developed based on the principle of Zero Standing Access* with Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-Enough-Access (JEA) on the ServiceNow platform. 


Privilege Manager aids organisations to streamline the process of granting and revoking employees’ privileged access

The principle of *Zero Standing Access means instead of granting permanent privileged access, users must request permissions for access. When permissions are granted, it is Just-in-Time and Just-Enough Access to perform a privileged task only for a finite amount of time.


  • Privileged Access Request

  • Privilege Self Elevation

  • Integration with Change Management & Incident Management

  • Configurable Approval Workflow

  • Reporting & Auditing

  • PM Service Portal

  • Mobile App

  • Email Notifications

  • Calendar Integration

  • Predefined end-to-end process

  • PM dashboard

Create a Request


Manage and secure all access from a single platform, ServiceNow


Zero Standing Access to enable JIT & JEA Privileged Sessions


Enable Employee Self-Service via PM Service Portal




Monitor, audit, and completely control privileges


Employees have complete visibility of their current privileges


Responsive Self-Service Portal which provides an interface to manage requests and sessions at anytime, anywhere


Intuitive and user friendly interface to enhance user experience in both the mobile native web browsers and ServiceNow mobile application.

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