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Meaningful Customer Impact

We are a group of young and passionate developers and consultants with

a problem solving mindset.

We see ourselves as problem solvers, not task-doers.

Our metric for success isn't how many lines of code we write.
Our metric for success is how many problems we solve.

It means that when we have a task to do, we really put our minds into it.

We really try to understand what it is meant to do. 

If you are a problem-solver like us, join our team!

We will support you to grow yourself as an expert in what you love to do.

At IKC, you will work with the best talent in the industry.

We deliver

First Class IT Services

to enhance work experience

for people


We provide the highest quality of work and never compromise for an easy way out


We deliver what we promise


We take ownership of our work


We do the right thing


We work together for better outcomes


We continuously move forward, innovate and improve

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